Tuesday, 25 March 2014

What I feel about the english class so far!

                               So far during English class, i will be so bored sometimes maybe about 65% of the time.i think that English class should be more fun by adding more games (games doesn't meant like playing hide and seek or something like that. i mean games when ms foo or mdm tan is teaching. they can like when we all are bored then we play a game like hangman or something to refresh our brain. in my opinion both my English teachers are very good and they are very well trained and plus ms foo is from Anderson jc!
                             then things that i DO LIKE  from English class is the puns that ms foo shows us sometimes only.then... i like when i receive worksheets which i like..i don't know what to say already just let me say something. yesterday in English class ms foo talked about my classmate yining's blog entry. then she ask every one what type of person i want to be. well the answer for that question will be when i grow up i want to be a sincere police men. thats all thank you bye