Friday, 27 June 2014

book review

TITLE  :Galloping  foxley


Description; this book is all about a man named perkin was bullied by a bully in his school days. in the story,  perkins goes in a train everyday and he also sees the same people with their same object in their hands and same clothes they wear everyday.then one day perkin sees a man who look suspicious and did not enter the train everyday like the others. and the suspicious man sits near perkins.the man look like foxley to perkin. then perkin will think about the past and tell the stories and what really happen in school days to us. then finally perkin would try to take revenge on foxley by embarrasing him in the train but after they introduced themselves to each other, perkin knew that he was not foxley and was embarase.

My opinion about the book:i like the story alot . because the story was very interesting to me and the story had alot of twist in it.

Favourite part: my favourite part of the story will be the flashback of perkin because his flashback was interesting.

If i can change anything i will change th ending to perkin finding that it was really foxyley and embarres him .

i will definetly recomand this book because u can always read this interesting story when u are free. Basicaly, everyone will read this book because this story can be read by all ages.