Saturday, 25 January 2014

My name is shafiq

i'm from 1e1 and i love my class alot

my hobbies are to play soccer and play xbox 360 in xbox 360 my favourite game is fifa 14 ultimate team

my favourite colour will always be blue

my favourite food is nasi lemak

one of the thing that is interesting about me is that i dun eat chili and curry at anytime

my best friends are everyone in 1E1

my life in primary school was the same as my secondary school the enjoyment of me in secondary can increase as well

my favourite teacher is ms Guo who was my form teacher when i was p4 and my favourite subject will be maths as in maths i show alot of interest and i get good marks in it

iam expecting my secondary school to be very fun at sports,CCA and fun to learn:)

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