Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hi friends i am posting this for u all to use this short phrases in i dont know where u want let me start it.

1)fall through=to fail to happen, come to nothing        7.hand over fist=making rapid progress hand=available to use

9.see eye to eye=agree with someone eye-opener=a surprising happening

11.keeping one's hand in=practising something in the face=disobidience

13.set one's face against=to oppose

14.did not do a hand's turn=he did not work

15.fall off=lose eye for colour=the ability to judge

17.more than meets the eye=certain things are not obvious

18.shut one eye's to=ignore or rufuse to see something

19.pride goes before a fall=proud people will be humbled

20.hand in glove=take matters in hand 

                                                               The end thanks

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