Saturday, 11 January 2014

   When i was primary 6 everyone was telling me that PSLE coming PSLE coming only when ever someone ask me what i am studying,i will say p6 then the nxt thing they say will be PSLE and i will be like ok....iknow

when it was time for me to study for the PSLE i did and i did all the subjects evrday for about 3hours
The day came i didn't know what to do and i was so nervous but still i went to the hall to do my exam 
then things when by itself 
the last day of PSLE came and i was so happy i did my science paper and i was likie when will this science paper finish then when it finish,i was so relieve and happy as well because i can play xbox how long i want also can ...
then the results day came and i was scared and not confident i stand on line to take my results then suddently i saw my results it was low and i did not expect it but still i never cry like the others and  i told my mom 'mom can i go chong boon or bishan park' then she was disopointed and still she didnt give any reaction.
1 week later.........

my mom key in the schools and she put chong boon as my first choice second choice was guangyang then my third choice was bishan park and so on then i was happy also

then i knew i get CBSS and i was happy and was very exited in my secondary school first day

                                                                 THE END

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