Monday, 20 January 2014

                                                 THE STORY OF A TEDDY BEAR;)


        Hi i am a teddy bear and my name is shabear:) i am going to tell u what happen to me when i was 1 year old so lets jump in to the topic .
            It was a game and the game was to use a gun and shoot a object and which ever object the person shoots it will be his/hers.
            I was at a corner at a old table and no one bothered to shoot me and win me as a prize and i basically looked like the picture below this-|
        So one day a boy came to the game station i was in and asked my owner if i can play a game to win ME! I was like AT LAST and i was happy and i got ready to get to my new home.Then suddenly he missed the shot and he started to cry then he told his mom that he wanted to shoot again and his mom gave him the money to play another time and this time he shot me and brought me to his house i was excited to see how his house looks like.
     When the boy and i reached home,he went to his room and put me in a chair beside the window and i could see his garden from the window.
it was night and he started to talk to me and he ask me why i was not replying him and i said to myself how how is he expecting a thing that does not have life to talk to him. then he was upset that i never talk to him and he went to bed to sleep.
The next day i talk to myself as usual and i realised that my mouth moved and i was surprised then i went to the boy's bed and i realised i can walk too.I was so happy and i woke the boy up  and told him this and he was not surprised as he tought i was able to talk before this incident .so i didnt care about him and i went to his mom and told her this and she shouted then i said i am just a bear and she stopped shouting.from that day onwards , i was kept at home and i had a own room and my own bed .

now i am 50 years old and this is how i look like now. and this is the end of my story thank you for listening and bye:)

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